Light Works Building Permit and supervision for the restoration of a building’s facades in Kolonos region, Athens, 2021

BIOFLAN SA and SUPERFLAN SA are the natural evolution of the original company ‘Mavropoulos Bros LLC’ which has been active in the field of spare parts since 1961. Precisely, SUPERFLAN SA is involved in the commerce of flanges, however in the recent years it has been expanded into the supply of vehicle and machinery filters, of any type.

Both facades of the 5-storey, own building of SUPERFLAN SA, located in Athens, were in need for restoration. Specifically, the works included the removal of the old signboards, local configurations, painting and installation of new signboards.

Tektinn was selected for the issue of the building permit and the intensive supervision of the works, by the contractor. The difficulties and responsibilities included in the supervision were not trivial. SUPERFLAN SA had to stay in business while the works were in progress. Moreover, the great height of the building, the need for double scaffolding supports, the adjacent buildings and the proper waste management, within the main city of Athens, were factors that demanded full loyalty and cooperation by all members, in order to avoid any injury or failure.

Indeed, within few days the building permit was issued as well as the local police department was notified, whereas the supervision by Tektinn turned absolutely successful, following all necessary health and safety requirements. In addition, the wonderful aesthetic upgrade of the building’s facades, reflects the excellent technical services provided by BUILDTEK and proves that Tektinn together with its partners can cover the whole prism of design, permit and construction services. 

BUILDTEK  (Constantine Lambrinos) | Contractor