Who We Are

TektInn is a Greek based company with head offices in Athens that specializes in the feasibility study, design and consulting of structural and infrastructural projects, including a wide range of services such as 3D visualization, dioramas, project management as well as customized technical solutions for distinctive engineering projects. Apart from the mentioned design and consulting skills, TektInn is eligible to work as a Contractor, which allows the full control of a project (from A to Z), enabling also the client to communicate exclusively with one entity, both at the design as well as at the construction phase. TektInn covers the uprising market gap in terms of combining quality and excellence with certain and competitive budget.

Like many other fields, the science of civil and architectural engineering has been much widened during the last decade, especially with the use of computer software products and united regulations such as Eurocodes. Therefore our mission is to cover the market demand for optimized, up to date engineering results, which constitute a project feasible, aesthetic and accurate.

Our vision is summarized in our quote ‘engineering the future’. This means that our way of thinking focuses on innovation thus on differentiating from common and monotonous solutions. For us, each study should tackle the specific technical problem that is upraised therefore our approach includes brainstorming, invention and vivid imagination.

We are Konstantinos Tsiknopoulos and Dimitris Protonotarios, two professional MSc. Civil Engineers with experience in the design and supervision of structural projects. Since our studies, we have had the opportunity to participate in various innovative projects, which gave us the knowledge and ability to express our passion in engineering. Our assimilated solutions and progressive ideas attracted a big volume of clients, who were increasingly asking for our services. Therefore in 2019 we decided to unify our powers and house all the mentioned demands under one company. After four years of successful operation, we chose to make the next step by entering into the construction sector, which means that we can now offer not only the studies but also the actual contracting services under the same legal entity. Nowadays, our offspring TEKTINN is ready to provide excellent solutions for any design or technical requirement.

Our principles and fundamental beliefs that help us towards a common goal can be defined by the following seven corporate values:

  • priority to customer needs
  • honesty & built trust
  • integrity
  • focus on detail
  • punctuality
  • scientific approach
  • continuous learning