"engineering the future"

...a vision applied to clear customized engineering solutions.

What to expect

Unlike our competitors, we diversify by adding extra value and prosperity to our results. Before we commence any task, we examine carefully all the necessary parameters in order to optimize the outcome. Key factors that accept optimization are for example the geometry, materials, structural integrity, technologies and last but not least the budget. Actually, any existing pattern or rule is being filtered before we follow it; then we blend it with the most up to date methodologies, therefore we manage to produce wonderful masterpieces, covering the most difficult demands.

Tangible results

Your desires come true via numbers and figures.

Budget value

Feasible solutions harmonicaly married with scientific quality.

Business opportunity

We are always available for strategic and successful cooperation.

Civil and Structural engineering services

Building permit issuance

We undertake the whole required permitting process for the necessary construction works, conducting and submitting all necessary documents and reports into TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece) based on the existing national regulations. Furthermore, we issue a small-scale building permit for the works outlined in paragraph 2, article 29, of Law 4495/17

Arbitrary arrangement

If your property lacks the requisite documentation or faces any spatial or usage irregularities, there is no need for concern. Just reach out to us. We will complete all the required regulatory procedures, in accordance with current laws. Therefore, your property will hold all legal rights and obligations which fall into the civic regulations.

Are you willing to sell or trade your estate? Then you need an electronic property ID. Our team handles the whole procedure on your behalf on a very tempting cost. Each partner of our team is dedicated to complete the technical and administrative processes with extreme professionalism and punctuality, ensuring that your premise will acquire a full documented portfolio.

Electronic Property ID issuance

The works supervision is the most critical phase of a construction. It can guarantee the efficient time management and the minimization of severe technical mistakes by the contractors. Our experienced engineers take over the worksite supervision of private projects, from the beginning until the completion stage, with frequent site visits.

Supervision of construction works

Contracting - Rennovation - Special structures

We specialize in the construction or renovation of private residential or commercial buildings, implementing highly innovative and modern materials which will ensure the most efficient and comprehensive solution, based on your respected needs. We exclusively cooperate with experienced, reliable subcontractors and technicians therefore we guarantee the minimization of any delays, preserving a very competitive cost.

Energy Efficiency Certificate issuance

The EEC is a certificate which indicates and declares the energy consumption either of a part or of a whole building. Hence, there is a classification between categories A to H where category A represents the buildings with the highest energy efficiency. Our professional partners are able to issue the EEC, very fast, at a very low cost.

Additional Professional Assistance

3D Visualization

Convert your idea into reality through 3D digital models. TEKTINN has configured the architectural photorealism into art, by rendering the indoor and outdoor spaces correctly, thus presenting a realistic environment which reveals the materials' quality and actual geometry. Meet our high rated services in this field.

Inspections - Reports

Our certified, experienced engineers can pay a visit at your premises in order to handle any technical issue such as moisture, cracks or other failures which require repairment, composing also all the necessary related technical reports. Moreover, we are issuing declarations and statements for court usage as well as certifications for connection to public supply networks (i.e. water, electricity, gas etc.).

Our collaborators

We collaborate with a trusted team of experienced architects, mechanical & electrical engineers, solicitors, interior designers and technicians to produce the highest quality results. Moreover, our parnters' network includes a variety of high esteemed companies and suppliers all over Greece, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of our services and achieving the best results for you.