Study for the structural Integrity of the existing steel frames in former Papastratos industrial building

Papastratos is a refurbished building, located in the junction of Mavromihali and Gravias Str. in Piraeus, Athens. The bulky steel frames in its front yard have been used as a resting area for the personnel, however the absence of any shading cover was creating an unpleasant environment, especially during the hot summer season.

The proposed solution by PRODROMIDIS NIKOLAOS & Co was the use of large shading shades which were going to be applied on the existing steel frames.

TEKTINN scope was to examine the frames in situ and submit a professional study, confirming the integrity of the structure under the load of shade sails. TEKTINN study included:

  • Stress calculation and loads of the implemented shading sails
  • Structural analysis of the existing steel frames under load combination
  • Technical report to confirm the structural integrity of the frames
  • Appendix with drawings and sketches
  • Maintenance and operation manual

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