Design of the concrete base and supervision of the construction of a movable steel canopy, covered by PVC fabric, 2021

The flower market of Amygdaleza enumerates 380 members/producers, while covers 80% of the country’s flower production and supply. The Association supplies flower shops, garden centers, private or public projects all over Greece, as well as they export flora products to the EU and non EU countries. For the improvement and expansion of their facilities, there was a need by the Association, for the installation of a closed steel canopy with very special requirements, such as:

  • The location of the new building should be longitudinally adjacent of an existing steel building, therefore the dimensions had to be precisely measured (L: 20 – W: 4 m – H: 3.8 m).
  • There should be no excavations, therefore the foundations should rest on the surface, taking into consideration the intense inclination of the existing terrain.
  • The new building should be movable i.e. it should have the capability of expansion or contraction, when necessary.
  • The door opening of the existing building should coincide with the opening of the new shelter in order for the two constructions to communicate.
  • The installation time of the building should be significantly less than that of a conventional steel structure, for the minimization of the disruption of the product supply vehicles.

All the above requirements were fully and successfully met by Tektinn and our partners ‘ERG innovative solutions’ and ‘Evangelos Mouchos’. The solution was given through the construction of a special movable metal canopy which is mounted with wheels on special guides, which in turn are anchored on a concrete base. The load-bearing metal frame, consisting of galvanized hollow beams, is covered by a special high-strength PVC fabric, while a sliding door / curtain is placed on the front side. The whole structure is tied at the ends with chains in order to be stabilized.

We managed this project from the beginning to the end, with absolute dedication during the supervision, with respect to the customer and always according to the best principles of civil engineering. We have proudly completed another innovative project because we believe in what we represent i.e. Innovation and Customized Solutions, exactly as stated in our trademark TEKTINN ‘customized engineering solutions’.

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