3D Visualization & Interior Design Upgrade of a suite in Kimolos, 2021

Our reference point this time is Bonatsa beach in Kimolos, the enchanting island of Cyclades that borders Milos. Aria Hotels trusted again our team to design and produce high quality 3D images of the upgraded areas of Bonatsa Beach House facility. More specifically, our services included the 3D Visualisation and rendering of the main bedroom, the bathroom as well as the outdoor beach bar of the hotel. 
‘Boho style’ architecture brakes the standard rules of decoration, reveals unconventionality and is ideal for creating an atmosphere of inspiration and spiritual productivity to the visitor. Especially the outdoor beach bar area in Bohemian style, fully harmonises with the natural landscape of that particular beach, as well as with the character of Kimolos as an alternative, unconventional destination. 
In cooperation with the client, the decoration details were specified and as a consequence professional, absolute satisfying results were produced in a short time. 

Maria Orfanou | Interior Designer