Light Works Building permit and supervision for the renovation of an old apartment in Kato Patisia district, Athens, 2021

This project concerns the renovation of an old 3rd floor apartment on a condominium building in Thymarakia, Attica. The contracting works included dismantling, interior layout, gas installation, change of electrical and plumbing supplies, replacement of windows, new floor, new kitchen, new bathroom, walls plastering and painting, replacement of exterior awning, replacement of interior doors and new closet in the bedroom.

TektInn was selected for the issuance of the necessary permits and the supervision of the contractor ‘’ to complete all the above works. In consultation with the owner and after all the necessary documents were handed over to us, within a few days, the permit and the work-stamps were issued while the relevant police department was informed about the coming works.

As soon as the contracting works commenced, our team looked after the monitoring of the entire project, correcting any technical omissions and ensuring balanced costs in the interest of the customer. The absolute observance of the health and safety manuals included in the permit and the prevention of any botchery or bureaucratic issues, created confidence and trust by the owner towards our team and proved the importance of the supervision for such projects. 

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