Structural design for the steel pergola of KFC restaurant, 2019

This shelter has been installed in the outdoor seating area of the KFC restaurant, which is located at the Escape Center in the municipality of Ilion, Athens. The purpose of such project is the creation of a friendly and safe environment for the customers, since they are protected by the wind, rainfall and sunlight. 
The structure consists of steel hollow section columns and beams, jointed each other with bolted connections as per demand of the client. The whole steel frame is cladded, whilst an aluminium bioclimatic louver is rested on its roof. Moreover, vertical glass panels are fastened around its perimeter. 

TEKTINN scope was the static calculations and structural study of the steel frame under all load combinations, based on Eurocode. Key design challenges included the bolted connections of the hollow sections as well as the long spans of the beams.

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