3D Visualisation & Interior Design of Da Luz Boutique Hotel, 2019

Da Luz is a modern boutique hotel located in St. Saranda in Albania. It used to be a residential building, however after its extension and refurbishment, it has been nowadays converted into a hospitality compound.

It consists of 6 rooms and a suite, with a total area of 250 sq.m. Our scope included the interior design, 3D visualisation, building materials proposal as well as the technical drawings of the custom-made furniture.

The goal of the design was to implement a harmonic and warm environment for the guests. In addition, the meaning of the words ‘Da Luz’ which means ‘The Light’ was revealed by using specific materials in terms of colour, substance and high quality. The main challenge of the design was to cover all visitors’ needs within the building’s special idiosyncrasy and structural features, therefore the highest level of ergonomic utilisation of the area had to be achieved.

Maria Orfanou | Interior Designer