3D Visualisation for Semeli Estate Winery in Nemea, Greece, 2020

Semeli Estate is a leading Greek winery and one of the country’s most significant wine-related developments, located in Peloponese peninsula in Southern Greece. The whole establishment is planned to be refurbished along with the introduction of bioclimatic pergolas which will upgrade the sustainability and microclimate of the premises. Totally 8 bioclimatic pergolas are planned to be installed on the frontside and sideways of the building, which will provide protection from the rain and wind, creating at the same time a comfortable shading space beneath them. 
The proposed pergolas SMARTIA PG120P MYKONOS come by Alumil whereas the installation is proposed to be accomplished by PRODROMIDIS NIKOLAOS and Co. The client wanted to have a crystal view of the forthcoming architecture, before proceeding with the project, therefore an explicit and splendid 3D display of the outcome had to be rendered. 
For one more time TEKTINN was chosen to perform the art of creating high quality photorealistic images in order to communicate the architectural proposal. Whenever there is a demand for extraordinary results, in short time with the best value, the choice of our team becomes innevitable.

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