3D Visualization – “Polyegos Eco Residence”, Polyegos island, 2022

Polyaigos is a small, uninhabited Cycladic island located in Kimolos complex, which is part of EU Natura 2000 program. The crystal blue sea and the biodiversity of the island, makes it a great holiday destination only for daily visits or boat overnights. Recently though, Aria Hotels created the ideal conditions for accommodation on the island itself, by introducing the Polyegos Eco Residence.

The new resort follows a mild architectural design, in accordance with the ecological identity of the region. The terrestrial construction materials such as stone, wood and forged cement, encompass the building into the island’s geology as well as they testify the goal of this project, which is the minimisation of the structure’s environmental footprint.

The magnificent balcony view and the details of the hospitality area could be visualised via the production of 3D, high definition images, which was the scope of our team, for our client Aria Hotels. We are proud for one more time that TektInn was part of the creation of such a unique and state of the art project.