Structural study – supervision of steel shelters for Padel courts, Marousi, 2022

Recently, especially after COVID19 pandemic, there is an increased demand for sports in limited, controlled and safe environment. One sport that combines such characteristics is padel i.e. indoor racket tennis. Therefore this project concerns the study and supervision of installation of a steel building to cover padel tennis courts in Marousi, Athens. 
The whole project consists of reinforced concrete foundations with join beams, HEA cross section columns as well as truss rectangular cross section beams which form the movable roof. The cover material of the structure is a high durability PVC while there are also some secondary elements that belong to the padel equipment (vertical glass frames, terrain carpet, lights). 
The interesting feature of this building is the longitutional moving ability of its roof, guided by special rollers thus allowing the owner to have an open area for sports during good weather conditions. 
Our team, since day one, performed all the necessary supervision actions (in-situ measurements, anchors, PM of subcontractors, material submittal, etc.) and as a result the successful accomplishment of this complex project was ensured.


ERG storage systems, Intrakat