Modular Steel Building for Gym use by the Hellenic Army, 2021

This project refers to the study and supervision of a metal frame with dimensions 15 – 20 – 9 meters in width, length and height respectively. The building houses a fully equipped gym for the training of a special unit of the Greek Army, which cannot be mentioned, for confidentiality reasons.

The construction could be considered distinctive for several reasons:

  • Low weight due to the use of rectangular cross section beams
  • The frames, which constitute the upper structure, were assembled on ground, then were lifted united by a crane, shortening the assembly period
  • The steel structure was anchored onto ground level foundations; therefore no excavations were carried out fact that decreased the contracting cost.
  • The covering of the steel structure consists of a special PVC material of high durability, which relieves the total dead load, minimizes the assembly time and facilitates the future maintenance process.
  • The double frame design of the structure, allows high net heights, which makes the building suitable to host large training equipment, climbing wall and other professional training facilities.
  • The design and construction cost of such structure is less than that of a conventional one (e.g. use of IPE beams), while the same rules for the safety, the anti-seismic design and the certifications are applied.

TektInn and our partners completed successfully a customised, difficult and innovative project, for one more time.

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