Design & supervision of the Christian arched church of St. Nicolas on Stroggyli islet in Greece

This arched small church was placed near the lighthouse of the island and serves the military staff to practice their religion. Annually, each 5 of December, local ceremony is being performed, for the shake of St. Nicolas who is the holy Saint of Kasterorizo Island where Stroggyli belongs.

The project was sponsored by a Greek – Australian businessman and it was built exclusively by the local limestone and gravel which came as a waste material from the preceding excavations for the foundations of the cable way.

Key information of the project:

  • Size: 22 m2
  • Height 6 m
  • Materials: local stone, concrete, steel plate, wood
  • Works duration 1 month
  • Made of scaffolding waste and debris materials
  • Budget 9,990 €

Thanasis Kotsas | Contractor