3D Visualisation & Interior Design of an old apartment in Nea Smyrni, Athens, 2019

The apartment is located in a condominium dated back to the 70’s in Athens’ Nea Smyrni district.

It was consisted of five rooms and a restroom, all of which have been reformed in order to follow the modern architecture and serve the needs of a single-parent family.

The prevail characteristics of the refurbished apartment is its cozy atmosphere that is derived from the warm colours, the textiles and the laminate floor deck, as well as the minimal structures which constitute the storage. Τhe proposed layout offers a large front unified space, encompassing the living room, lounge and kitchen.

Many flats of this kind in Athens, are being renovated in order to be capitalised by their owners via the Airbnb platform. In such cases, both the budget and quality are being compromised. However, in this particular case, the owner was willing to use the property for own accommodation therefore the highest quality had to meet a certain, limited budget.

Maria Orfanou | Interior Designer
Kostas Koutropoulos | Contractor