Elementor #376

A panic room provides extraordinary isolation and safety to its users in case of fire, flood, invasion, robbery or any emergency situation. It is self-sustained and can be designed for new or existing buildings such as banks, houses or shops. [read more]

Complete study of aerial freight cable ways or rail funiculars to solve inadequate transportation in harsh landscapes and remote areas. The system may be useful to cary goods also within private properties such as villas, restaurants or farms. [read more]

The use of carbon fiber as a structural material is ascending year by year, blessing any project with less self weight thus faster and cheaper installation process. We provide the technical study for pergolas and specific structural elements made of carbon fiber, utilising the advantages of this new technology.

Military projects have to be designed each time, under the Army regulations. Such projects, differentiate from the civic ones in terms of durability, long life span and installation flexibility. We commit studies for temporary gravity dams, battle positions, hangars, helipads, water tanks, funiculars, pre-cast bridges, containers, docks, training infrastructures that fulfil the most demanding military standards. [read more]

A beach bar consists of several elements like furniture, bar, toilets, waste tank and utilities. We enrich our feasibility study with exceptional solutions such as ‘autonomy of drinkable water’, ‘furniture arrangement under marketing psychology’ and ‘material purchase as a kit’; optimising the profitability of this very business. [read more]

This type of greenhouse is able to maintain an efficient range of indoor temperature with very few or even none mechanical means, no matter the range of the external temperature. We provide the design of the skeleton, the covering material as well as the method of assembly.

This type of swimming pool differentiates from a common one in installation time and maintenance cost. Our design includes the use of hydrophobic covering which means that the water is not attached to the surface of the tank therefore there is no need for any future repainting or cleaning. In addition the absence of tiles and silicone minimises the installation time.